Every year we are always anticipating the answer to the question, “When will Amazon Prime Day be?”

Usually it falls around mid-July each year, but as we are all aware there are some special circumstances this year that will most likely delay it to at least August 2020, according to our sources at Amazon. 

There are a lot of questions and concerns being had by sellers, but the real question is, “How can I prepare for Prime Day post-COVID?” 

Obviously, there has never been a Prime Day like this one and there are new factors at play as you prepare your strategy. A good amount of you most likely have experienced a slowdown in your supply chain. Maybe you are still restricted to send inventory into Amazon. Perhaps you are still seeing excessive ship times on your FBA products. Regardless of the particulars, we can all agree this Prime Day poses to be very different than any of the years previous. 

With all of this in mind, how will you tackle it? 

For starters, make sure you are planning ahead when it comes to inventory and promotional planning. For example, a few of you most likely have Prime Day deals available in your Deals tab. Have you booked them and do you know what your offer will be? 

For inventory, we suggest you start working on ordering the inventory for Prime Day NOW. Do not wait to talk to your suppliers and manufacturers about this. They are likely going to be swamped as well, so you want to be very clear with what you need. 

For promotional planning, we suggest you start planning now and make sure you are thinking outside the box this year! Keep in mind, a good amount of customers JUST joined Prime for the first time ever this year, in response to the virus. This new pool of customers will only increase the magnitude of this shopping day and you better prepare for your best Prime Day yet!

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