Wow, what a crazy weekend! We hope your Black Friday and Cyber Monday were a HUGE success! 

Now let’s get down to it! During the most important weekend of the year, Amazon gave a lot of brands trouble this weekend due to pricing errors. If you are one of those brands you need to head to the Pricing Health Dashboard IMMEDIATELY. This is where Amazon will tell you how to fix the pricing error that you might be experiencing. 

That being said, how do you avoid a pricing error going forward? First you want to make sure you are familiar with the Amazon Marketplace Fair Pricing Policy. If you are in direct violation of this policy, you are at risk of Amazon shutting down your listing. 

A couple of thing you should keep in mind as Amazon takes aim on this issue: 

  • Amazon is in fact watching your website prices, so to avoid a pricing error make sure your Amazon prices match the ones on your website
  • Amazon is also watching if you run a huge sale on your website. This can also lead to the pricing error violation
  • If you fulfill orders through FBM, make sure you are offering a fair shipping price, if you are charging for shipping 
  • Be careful when pricing your bundles. Make sure it is a fair price that is either equal to or less than the single product purchase in multiples

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