Recently, we have been getting a lot of you asking about variations and if you should variate your product. 

The answer used to be very simple: yes, because just last year Amazon would combine the reviews making it an automatic win. But within the last year, Amazon has slowly removed combining reviews just because a given product has variations, so now wondering what to do with your variations. 

To simplify things, we have created a pros and cons list: 


  • Amazon may potentially combine the reviews again. If that happens, it’s worth keeping your variations together
  • Cross selling is easier for customers and potentially increases your order value 
  • Higher sales conversions because all options for a product are in one spot 


  • Losing real estate in the search results. When you combine a listing it will limit you to only show one listing on a given term, instead of splitting up all your product options
  • One product variation brings down the whole listing. On occasion, one variation does less well than the rest and brings down the overall real estate on the listing

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