Have you ever wanted to run a split test on your listing but didn’t want to invest in a split testing software? 

When it comes to split testing, there has always been one or two options. The first is investing in a split testing software which of course has a monthly charge that doesn’t fit into everyone’s bottom line. Then, there is always the manual way of split testing where you track your own results as you complete split tests, but that is incredibly time consuming and of course isn’t as accurate. 

The good news is that now Amazon is expanding their A/B testing to now include split testing your listing title and split testing your A+ Content!

Here are our best practices for split testing a listing title: 

  • Do not split test the title if you are already split testing other aspects of the listing. It is called A/B testing for a reason. Mixing two different tests potentially skews the data and makes it challenging to determine the ultimate reason why we ended up with certain data.
  • When split testing the title, consider split testing the following:
    • New keyword additions. The number one spot for keywords is in the title, so your higher frequency terms should always be in there 
    • Keyword order. The order of keywords DOES matter and keywords with higher search volume should be towards the front of the title 
    • Benefit additions and changes. All products have different benefiting factors. You can adjust the benefits you have in your title or add in new benefits to see if that converts better 
    • Brand name location. A common question is where should you place your  brand name in the title. Personally, our team likes to see it at  the front of the title BUT every brand is different, so this is worth a test if you are questioning the location of your brand name
  • Do not split test during peak times! We suggest this for a few reasons: 
    • First, this can really skew the data. You will get higher traffic on these days which can give the test an unfair advantage and skewed data results
    • In addition to that, the peak times are when we see the most traffic so it is important that you are not altering your ranking or indexing due to external factors. Stick with what is already working for you during peak times and test at other times of the month. 

Split testing is a super strong strategy that has the potential to increase your conversions, ranking, and overall indexing which is why it is important to test critical factors to see which converts best. 

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