Prime Day has officially been announced! 

This year Prime Day will be October 13th and 14th and the big question is… are you ready? Prime Day is the biggest day of the year for sellers so it is important that you are prepared and getting your products out there for your customers! 

For Prime Day we suggest you do the following: 

  • Run a promotion offering a minimum 20% off, and we suggest running money off coupon clipping since they have shown to convert higher 
  • Email your email list the day before, the day of, and the day the promotion is going to end. Keep your email list in the know and let them know about the different promotional opportunities you are offering. 
  • Post on social media organically letting your followers know that you are having a killer deal. It is best to do this with an infographic.
  • Use your Amazon customer lists to run Facebook ads to your past customers advertising the deals you have running 

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