In the midst of all these crazy times, Amazon came out with a big announcement that will be affecting all sellers soon! 

They have decided to officially move the Amazon PPC platform to the Amazon Advertising console. For those of you that have not used the Amazon Advertising console, it is very similar to Seller Central’s platform with just minor tweaks! 

As Amazon makes this adjustment, your campaigns, stores, and all advertising related reporting will move to the console and out of Seller Central. 

To access your PPC ads, you will continue to use the same login information and will even be able to access the new console through Seller Central. According to Amazon, the navigation between the two platforms will be simple and you will be able to access both from one or the other. 

Amazon decided to make this adjustment to give sellers easier navigation and new notification and support features. 

According to Amazon, sellers will start to see this migration in the coming months! This is great news for Amazon sellers because it shows Amazon is listening to feedback and will hopefully be able to provide additional support for PPC. 

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