Have you been struggling to keep up with all the updates during the COVID 19 pandemic? 

As business owners it has been an incredibly overwhelming time making it challenging to keep up with the updates that have such an impact on your business. Here are a few key updates that we wanted to cover with you: 

  1. Coupon clippings make a comeback! Amazon is officially allowing sellers to set up coupon clippings again. 
  2. USPS has temporarily suspended international mail service to certain destinations. Before seller ship out their order’s they should check here for an update from USPS regarding the destinations suspension. 
  3. Amazon is waiving their May 15th long term storage fees. Sellers can still continue to create removal orders but their will be delays. 

As things start to settle into a new normal on Amazon there have never been more seller opportunities than right now. Join us this afternoon on our Facebook group at 11:30 am PST to chat about these updates and what they mean for your Amazon business. 

Our team is doing our best to keep you up to date with all of these updates coming in, and you can check out the latest updates and strategies by visiting turnkeyproductmanagement.com/corona.