The Latest and Most Up to Date Amazon Update Admidst COVID-19

Alright, let’s jump into these updates and how you can take action. 

The first big update came last Thursday, March 26th, outlining how Amazon will be dealing with inbound inventory for the time being. They have expanded the types of products they will allow to be added to their inventory on a case by case basis. 

They are choosing those products based on: 

  • Demand of the product
  • Current inventory levels 
  • Inventory in transit 
  • Fulfillment Center Capacity 

In order for you to see if your products are now eligible for restocking, please check your “Restock Inventory” page and your “Restock Reports”. 

If you are able to restock inventory, send inventory in as soon as possible. Amazon may be allowing you to send inventory in now, but that can always change so it is important to send inventory in while you can. 

If you are unable to restock inventory, continue to check your Restock page and Report daily to see if you can send inventory in. Hopefully, Amazon will continue to open this up to all sellers ASAP. 

Another update… on March 30th, reports came in that certain Amazon fulfillment employees were staging a strike due to the unsafe working conditions in the wake of the Coronavirus.

That being said, it is now more important than ever to get FBM listings and fulfillment set up regardless of if you are able to send inventory into FBA or not. The reason being is there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Amazon FBA warehouses like potential strikes and month-long shipping times. Nothing is guaranteed right now with FBA, so it is important you are taking these precautionary steps to help your Amazon business stay active. 

Our team is doing our best to keep you up to date with all of these updates coming in, and you can check out the latest updates and strategies by visiting