Check out this new tool through Amazon!  

As a brand on Amazon, it is always very challenging to ensure that your listings are high quality. 

While our team can provide you the fundamentals that make a well-executed listing, YOU know your brand best and it’s important to ask yourself, “Are you presenting the right message to your customer in your listing?” 

Amazon has introduced a new tool called the Listing Quality Dashboard which is meant to help sellers with recommendations they should be making to their listing. 

According to Amazon this dashboard will help with the following: 

  • Improve discovery by plugging in more attributes on your product
  • Enable the Product Overview experience. This will not be available to all of you YET but it is meant to provide customers with more information to speed up their purchase decision 
  • Potentially reduce customer returns by providing the customer with more information ahead of time to give them the best experience possible prior to purchase 
  • Take time-sensitive actions to avoid your listing getting suppressed 

Check out the update from Amazon here!

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