Another week, another Sponsored Brand update!

Amazon has officially introduced Video in SBAs and our team is pumped! Like majority of new programs on Amazon this one is starting in beta but it is still an exciting development because it shows Amazon is one step closer to allowing more sellers to use video ads.

These video ads have a few different campaigns, here are the options Amazon is offering so far:

Product Detail Page Campaign

This campaign type drives traffic to your product’s detail page on Amazon. The video in the search ad unit would replace the primary product image and the headline text from the product detail page. It will look something like this:

Custom Landing Page Campaign

This campaign type drives traffic to your Amazon Store or a custom landing page located on Amazon. In order to use this campaign type you must have a custom image, headline, and a landing page URL for the product featured in the video ad. This ad will look like this:

What are the next steps?

First we suggest you check to see if you are apart of the beta program! You can check this out by pressing create a campaign within your advertising platform and selecting sponsored brand. Once you are in the sponsored brand section scroll down to see if video is under the ad format options.

To find out more about this update click here.