What's New on Amazon: Amazon Live

Have you tried about Amazon Live? This could be your next strategy to try out!

Posted by Turnkey Product Management on Wednesday, March 11, 2020
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Start streaming LIVE on Amazon!

Amazon Live is a live stream located in several locations on Amazon.com and the Amazon mobile app. The live streams can appear on the detail pages of the products belonging to your brand, as well as across various placements where Amazon shoppers browse. All live streams can be found on Amazon.com/Live and in the Amazon mobile app under ‘Amazon Live.’

Sellers can essentially use this feature to better connect with their customers through Amazon. There are multiple features within Amazon Live that will help you showcase your brand to drive sales! 

This free feature is a way to connect with customers in real time. While these customers are watching a live stream they can see your products alongside the streaming player, shop your products with ease and also take advantage of any promotions you have to offer. You can talk to your customer directly while you are live streaming by answering questions or even asking for feedback

Want to take this feature next level?

Brand owners are able to boost their Amazon Live through Amazon Advertising. This will get your live stream in front of more customers! Think of it as a way to offer video advertising without having to produce a brand new video. 

In order to create an Amazon Live you use the Amazon Live Creator app, which is currently only available for iPhone through the App Store. Once you have created your Amazon Live it will be available on your channel for 48 hours for free! 

So what are the next steps?

Our team would suggest you visit Amazon.com/live to see what other brands are doing for their lives, think of it as a competitor analysis. Once you have an idea of what live stream you would like to put together try it out for yourself and complete your first live!