Keeping Your Business Healthy!

This week’s Amazon topic is not the most fun but it is incredibly important to talk about considering it is affecting the majority of Amazon businesses. As you all know, the Novel Coronavirus is affecting millions across the world including sellers like you. 

Obviously it is impossible to predict situations like this but it is important to do what you can to protect your business. If your business is affected by this consider taking the following steps: 

  • Ask the customer to cancel or approve a delay for previously placed orders that you are no longer able to fulfill at the moment. Obviously it is not ideal to cancel orders, but it is important to maintain your account health so you are not negatively impacted for months to come. Having the customer cancel the order looks better on you as a seller. To ask the customer to cancel or approve a delay on the shipment simply message them through their order. 
  • Place your Amazon account on vacation status. This will prevent orders from coming in until you have worked out any logistical issues and ended the vacation status. 
  • Create FBM listings. If you are no longer able to send inventory into Amazon but have inventory in another warehouse that can fulfil Amazon orders, create FBM listings to keep orders coming in. 
  • Communicate with your manufacturer and do your best to try to get timelines from them. 
  • Pull a projection report on your current inventory and start to plan out future orders to your manufacturer so you are prepared when they are taking orders again. We have attached our template below. 

We are wishing all involved a speedy recovery and if you have any questions about your business and this trying time please reach out to our team.