Have you tried out A+ Content experiments?

Posted by Turnkey Product Management on Friday, December 27, 2019
Watch Jenna Lieber, our Director of Client Services discuss the changes to Amazon’s A+ Content Experiments on this week’s Facebook Live

Have you tried the new A+ Content Experiments?

Amazon has created A+ Content experiments that we truly believe will make a huge difference in your Amazon business! 

Using the feature Experiments you will be able to compare two pieces of A+ content against each other so you can see which one performs better and drives more sales. 

Here at TurnKey we are so PUMPED about this feature because it finally gives us an opportunity to split-test such a crucial part of the listing.

Here’s how an A/B test works. When you set up your experiment, you’ll tell Amazon which two pieces of A+ content you want to test. Customers who are purchasing on Amazon will randomly be assigned to see Version A, or Version B, for the entire duration of the experiment. Experiment results will be updated once a week, and tell you which version of content has had more sales.

Here are some things you may be interested in experimenting on. But don’t restrict yourself to these ideas – use your own judgement and knowledge of your brand to determine what to test. 

  • A+ Content with text vs. A+ Content without text 
  • New A+ content modules 
  • New A+ content layouts and designs 
  • Changing up the imagery by adding new lifestyle and infographic images 
  • Testing out new pieces of content like value adds or your brand story 
  • Trying out cross selling different products using the comparison chart in your A+ content 

Want to know what your New Year’s resolution should be? Trying out this new feature to see how it helps your listing convert! 

Aside from this update…our TurnKey team wanted to wish you and yours the happiest of holidays.