Are you using your Amazon Brand Dashboard?

Posted by Turnkey Product Management on Friday, December 20, 2019
Watch Jenna Lieber, our Director of Client Services discuss the changes to Amazon’s Product Optimizer Tool on this week’s Facebook Live

Using this tool, Amazon will provide you with recommendations on optimizations you can apply to your new products to increase sales, conversion, and customer experience

It will look at products that have been listed on Amazon in the first 60 days.

Amazon will identify the areas that you can improve on a given listing to ensure you are providing the best customer experience possible. Completing all of the recommended product optimizer best practices within 60 days can improve the customer experience and potentially increase sales.

Here is what the best practices Amazon is monitoring: 

  • Price Competitiveness: Price your products competitively to improve its discoverability 
  • In-stock: Ensure the product’s inventory is at a recommended level to account for sales velocity 
  • Prime: Enroll products in FBA to make them eligible for Prime 
  • Detail Page Completion: Enhance the product’s listing based on recommended best practices on product images, bullet points and description 
  • Minimum Customer Reviews: Get first reviews faster by enrolling in the Early Reviewer Program 
  • A+ Content: Upload A+ Content to the product 
  • Sponsored Ads: Introduce your products to more shoppers by running Sponsored Ads 

Think about this list as your initial launch check list within Amazon! 

You can see your recommended optimizations here.