Have you heard about the latest update for Amazon's autoresponders? We have the scoop for you!

Posted by Turnkey Product Management on Friday, November 22, 2019
Watch Jenna Lieber, our Director of Client Services discusses Amazon’s new autoresponder rules on this week’s Facebook Live

Change Up Your Autoresponders As Soon As Possible to Avoid Autoresponder Suspension

We have an update for you regarding your autoresponders and we suggest you act QUICKLY

Amazon has recently let customers know that you can only contact a buyer to complete an order or to respond to a customer service question. 

In addition to this, Amazon has added some rules when it comes to your autoresponders. You cannot: 

  • Include any links (this has always been a rule but it is a good reminder!),
  • Include links to Amazon detail pages or storefronts,
  • Marketing messages or promotions (we are so sad to see this one go!),
  • Logos if they contain a link in them,
  • Promotions for additional products,
  • Specifically ask for a positive review (so take out anything that says if you had a positive experience please leave us a review here),
  • Include the word “Important” in your subject line,
  • Ask for the same review repeatedly,
  • Send an attachment multiple times and you can only send an attachment if it is necessary to complete the order. 

Wow…that is a lot of rules but don’t let them discourage you from using autoresponders. This is still a valuable review tool and is one that will continue to help all sellers!