Are you tracking your New to Brand Metrics?

Posted by Turnkey Product Management on Thursday, September 26, 2019
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Have you been checking your New to Brand Percentage?

Within Amazon’s PPC Dashboard choice sellers have gotten the opportunity to learn about their New-to-Brand (NTB) percentage

The NTB percentage is determined by whether an ad-attributed purchase was made by an existing customer or one buying a brand’s product on Amazon for the first time within the past year. In other words, if a customer has not purchased from you in the last 365 days they are considered NTB. 

This is useful to help sellers determine their true Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). By determining your true CPA you are able to optimize your Amazon PPC with higher accuracy based on your margins. 

You can find your NTB percentage in your PPC Dashboard located next to ACOS. It is defined in the table as “% of Sales NTB”. It is important to note that NTB is only measured on Sponsored Brand Ads and you can only track it from November 2018 to present. 

With NTB you now have insights into how loyal your customers are on Amazon and using this information you are able to create a plan on how you can improve this metric!