Did you know you can track your storefront insights?!? It is so simple! If you are brand registered all you have to do is head to the “Manage Store” page and click on “View Insights”. 

Here are some awesome items you can learn from your insights: 

  • Views and Visitors 
  • Top Sources of Traffic 
  • Top Tags 
  • Top Pages in your Storefront 
  • Sales Numbers 
  • Sales Compared to Visitors

We know what you are saying, “That is great, TurnKey, but what can I do with this information?” Optimize! Using this data you can make your Amazon Storefront exponentially stronger! 

Here are some different ways you can optimize your Amazon Storefront game: 

  • Is one page dominating all of your other pages? Adjust your other pages to have a similar look and flow to the page that is bringing in the most sales. 
  • Are Sponsored Brands converting the best on your storefront? Increase your Sponsored Brands ad budgets and continue to create and optimize these SBAs. 
  • Are external ads bringing a lot of traffic to your Amazon Storefront? Continue to push traffic to the storefront and take advantage of the tag feature within Amazon Storefront to make it even more effective. 

Storefront not doing so hot? Here are some suggestions: 

  • Add lifestyle images and infographics so customers can learn more about your products. 
  • Add multiple videos so that customers can learn more about you and your brand. 
  • Add multiple add to cart options so that customers can purchase with ease. 
  • Make your store engaging and inviting, think of it as a true storefront that someone would walk into!
  • Do a competitor analysis on your competitors’ storefronts and see what they are doing well and how you can beat them! 

We cannot wait to hear how you pick up your Amazon Storefront game! Send us a link, we would love to check it out!