Are you a brand owner on Amazon? If so, this one’s for you! The Brand Dashboard has received a major upgrade, here are some of the features that we are PUMPED about: 

  • Amazon is now giving you the option to track your review in real-time in your Brand Dashboard. 
  • Using the Customer Review tracker you are able to search reviews by child ASIN and see what reviews you have rolling in. 
  • You are able to filter your reviews by star rating as well as the time period! 
  • Using this feature you are able to comment publicly to the review as well as report reviews that do not meet Amazon’s customer review policy. 
  • Make sure you are up to date with the customer review policy here!
  • Ultimately, the greatest benefit of these new tools is being able to know how your customers are feeling! Use this tool to have a better understanding of customer complaints and optimize your listing, and even your products, accordingly! 
  • Lastly, in the Brand Dashboard, Amazon now has a feature called Brand Benefits, using this feature you are able to see all the tools that brand owners can take advantage of! We suggest you set a task for yourself to check this tab at least monthly to see if Amazon has added any new tools for you! 

Brand owners what are you waiting for? Go check out those reviews and connect with your customers!

Not brand registered? Now is the time to start the process and take advantage of these and many more brand registry benefits!