Prime Day 2019 is over and we hope it was a huge success for you and your business!  Now it is time to deal with the aftermath:

Run a projection report now and send in inventory! 

At TurnKey, we are already sending in inventory to cover all of the huge sales that came our way! We do this using our projection report template that we have attached to this email. You can use this template to match your goals and predict how much inventory you’ll need to prevent missing sales due to being “out of stock”. 

Capitalize on your new customers! 

Prime Day brings in a wave of new customers each year. Now is the time to begin marketing to them. Pull an Amazon customer list (using a service like Managed By Stats) as soon as possible and run Facebook ads to your new audience advertising new products and increasing brand awareness. 

Make sure your customer service is on point! 

An increase in customers also means an increase in buyer messages that will need your prompt response and customer service expertise. Make sure that your customer service systems are operating on all cylinders to turn these first-time buyers into raving fans of your products! 

Run the numbers! 

Once the 72-hour window has passed, pull a promotional report and see which promotions worked the best for your products. Then, head over to the sales dashboard and see what products killed it. Once you have crunched the numbers, take notes on what worked for you this year and plan how you will capitalize on it for Prime Day 2020.