Using Amazon Brand Analytics, brand registered sellers can take a deep dive into customer purchasing behavior using the three sections Amazon Search Terms, Item Comparison, and Demographics.

Amazon Search Term Section

  • With this feature, you are able to discover what products are winning the most clicks and conversions on search terms.
  • This gives you the ability to, assess the impact of your marketing campaigns by monitoring different trends happening on Amazon.
  • With this tool, you are also able to look up specific keywords and see how the keywords in your niche are making an impact.

Item Comparison Section

  • With this feature, you are able to gain insight on products most frequently viewed together with your products.
  • Using this feature you can perform a competitor analysis and brainstorm ways to beat your competitors!


  • With this feature, you are able to gain insights into your customers currently purchasing your products on Amazon.
  • The demographic information includes age, household income, education, gender, and marital information.