What’s New on Amazon: Introducing Amazon’s Outlet Deals

What’s New on Amazon: Introducing Amazon’s Outlet Deals

Introducing Amazon's Outlet Deals!

Posted by Turnkey Product Management on Friday, November 8, 2019
Watch Jenna Lieber, our Director of Client Services discusses Amazon’s Outlet Deals on this week’s Facebook Live

If you have excess inventory in Amazon’s warehouse, we’ve got a treat for you!

Using Amazon’s Outlet deals you are able to turn your excess inventory in the FBA warehouses into an awesome sales opportunity. The special deals are Amazon-featured, limited-time, promotional offers displayed on the Amazon Outlet page. 

To access the program, head to the “Manage Excess Inventory” page. From there Amazon will tell you which of your products are eligible for an outlet deal under the item’s current price showing either Outlet deal eligible (submit by creating an Outlet deal) or Outlet store eligible (submit by creating a sale).

To be eligible for an Outlet deal, a product must:

  • Be currently available for sale and in Amazon fulfillment centers.
  • Have a sales history and at least a three and a half star product rating on Amazon.
  • Be in new condition.
  • Comply with Amazon’s customer product reviews policies and price policies.
  • Not be enrolled in Subscribe and Save.
  • You cannot have had an outlet deal in the last 90 days. 

Outlet deals are currently free for products that are eligible and selected! 

Our team recommends checking your “Manage Excess Inventory” page as soon as possible to take advantage of these outlet opportunities.

What’s New on Amazon: ANOTHER New Deal Introduced

What’s New on Amazon: ANOTHER New Deal Introduced

Amazon rolls out Prime Exclusive Discounts! Also take advantage of our Helium 10 offers by heading to turnkeyproductmanagement.com/helium10

Posted by Turnkey Product Management on Friday, September 13, 2019
Watch Jenna Lieber, our Director of Client Services discusses the new Prime Exclusive Discounts and Helium 10 on this week’s Facebook Live

Amazon is wrapping up the summer with a BANG by offering Prime Exclusive Discounts! 

Prime Exclusive Discount is a price discount exclusively available to Prime shoppers. Products that are running a Prime Exclusive Discount will display strikethrough pricing and a savings message for Prime members in search results and on the product detail page. 

How do you set up a Prime Exclusive Discount? 

  • Head to the Advertising tab in Seller Central, select Prime Exclusive Discounts
  • From there, download the Discount Upload template spreadsheet and fill in your product and pricing information
  • Click Create Discount on Prime Exclusive Discounts page, enter the name of discounts, date, and upload the filled out Discount Upload spreadsheet

How do your products become eligible for Prime Exclusive Discounts? 

  • The product must be Prime eligible. 
  • The product must be in new condition.
  • The product must have either no review rating or more than a three-star review rating.
  • To qualify for a Prime Day discount, the discount must be between 20% and 80% off the non-member, non-promotional price (the Your Price column on the Manage Your Inventory page). 
  • If a SKU has an active Sale Price scheduled at the same time, the Prime Exclusive Discounted price must be at least 5% lower than the Sale Price.
  • The Prime Exclusive Discount must beat the lowest price for the ASIN in the past 30 days (this includes all deals, promotions, and sale prices across all merchants).
  • The product cannot be a restricted product or offensive, embarrassing or inappropriate.
  • The product must be in compliance with Amazon’s customer product reviews policies. 
  • The product must be compliant with all pricing policies.

Before we wrap up we want to let you in on some BIG news!

Jeff will be having Helim10 on our Playbook for Amazon Podcast! To celebrate, Helium10 is offering special discounts to TurnKey subscribers.

What’s New on Amazon: New Promo Type: 7-Day Deals

What’s New on Amazon: New Promo Type: 7-Day Deals

BIG NEWS! Amazon rolls out 7-Day Deals!

Posted by Turnkey Product Management on Friday, August 30, 2019
Watch Jenna Lieber, our Director of Client Services discusses the New 7-Day Deal Promo on this week’s Facebook Live

Your deals tab just got a lot better! Amazon announces the addition of 7-Day deals!  7-Day deals are similar to their counterpart Lightning Deals except they are WAY better! Are you eligible? 

Here is what you need to know about 7-Day Deals: 

  • What are 7-Day Deals? 7-Day Deal is a time-bound, promotional offer where an item is featured for up to 7 days on the Amazon Deals page. 
  • How much do they cost? The cost of these promos will be $300 per deal.
  • How do I get access to them? Like Lightning Deals, you must be invited by Amazon to create these deals.
  • Where can I set them up? You are able to book these deals in the Deal tab located under the Advertising tab.
  • Where can my customers find them? If you enroll in the 7-Day Deals you will receive a “Limited Time Deal” badge in search results this will drive more visibility to your deal and in turn, your brand.

How do you become eligible for 7-Day Deals? 

The requirements are the same as lightning deals! Here is what you need to be eligible: 

  • You must have a sales history in Amazon stores with a minimum of a 3-star rating.
  • Restricted products and products that are offensive, embarrassing, or otherwise inappropriate are not eligible to enroll in 7-Day deals or lightning deals.
  • Products must be Prime-eligible through FBA or Seller Fulfilled Prime in all states including Puerto Rico. 
  • Your products must be in “New Condition”.
  • Your seller feedback has to have received a minimum of 5 ratings per month and have at least an overall rating of 3.5 stars out more.

What are the next steps? 

Head to the Deals tab under Advertising in Seller Central and see if you are eligible for 7-Day Deals by clicking create a new day and then selecting 7-Day deals.