Creating and Distributing Compelling  Amazon Product Videos

Creating and Distributing Compelling Amazon Product Videos

Do you have videos on your Amazon product listing? If you are Brand Registered are not utilizing that capability, what are you waiting for? Using video to connect, educate, and explain about your product to a potential customer is an invaluable way to sell! It’s easy to sell your product to someone in person because they can touch it and ask you questions. However, on a sterile Amazon listing, it’s challenging to make your images and copy feel compelling. That’s why using the video slot on your listing is a critical component to any great Amazon listing. So whether you already have a video up and want to ensure you are making the most of that resource, or you’re looking to add video, let’s dive in on how and where to use videos on your Amazon listing the right way. 

Make Sure Your Intro is Strong

How many times have you started a video and, within 3 seconds, you realize it’s going to be a snooze and you click out of it? That first impression is everything, so here are some tips for a strong introduction: 

  • Make a connection with the viewer and establish a bond. Example: “Hi, If you are like me you already know a healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day…“
  • Establish that you/your spokesperson is in alignment with the viewer. You actually care about their wellbeing.  
  • Show that you understand their problem and show them how your product is the solution.  Don’t focus on talking about your brand too much. Customers just want you to solve their problems and make their life easier. Tell them how your product will do that. 

Speak to Your Demographic

  • Is the tone you use, the models, the location all speaking directly to your target customer? As a mom of three, when I see supermodels with perfect bodies showcasing shapewear or a swimsuit, I feel a little insecure that the product isn’t truly made with me in mind. 
  • Adding testimonials to your videos will give your customers the social proof they need that people like them also enjoyed your product. This greatly increases your conversion rate. Someone else talking about your product and edifying your product is more effective than you trying to convince someone about the value of the product that you are selling 

Close Strong

Tell them what action to take: Example: “If you are ready to remove those unsightly skin blemishes, click the button below.” 

We are big fans of really utilizing your assets to the highest degree. If you go to all the effort of making a video, you can use that video all over the place. On your website, in Facebook Ads, on Instagram… everywhere! When choosing which platform to run your video ads, choose your biggest competitors and see where their customers are most engaged and where their followers interact with them the most. When you are a newer seller without much data, learning from your competitors is huge. 

In Episode 8 of the Playbook for Amazon Podcast, Jeff shares about three different kinds of videos you can make quickly and inexpensively. If you haven’t listened to that yet, we highly recommend you head over to check that out. But to piggyback on what he covers in that episode, here are some other options for videos.

What’s New on Amazon: The Ins & Outs of Amazon PPC

What’s New on Amazon: The Ins & Outs of Amazon PPC

Watch Jeff Lieber, our founder and Nolan Rakow, our resident PPC expert discuss Ins & Outs of Amazon PPC during our January Roundtable Group Call

Learn to manage PPC like a TurnKey Amazon Expert!

Last year was incredibly busy and Amazon made tons of updates and changes to their platform! Hopefully you checked out last week Facebook Live on how to be successful on Amazon in 2020. (If you didn’t, don’t worry! Here’s the recording)

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What’s New on Amazon: Search Term Optimization Tool

What’s New on Amazon: Search Term Optimization Tool
Watch Jenna Lieber, our Director of Client Services discuss the changes to Amazon’s A+ Content Experiments on this week’s Facebook Live

Let’s Start the New Year with Optimizations!

Hey sellers it is officially the new year and you know what that means, time to start off FRESH!

Using Amazon’s new Search Term Optimization tool within your brand dashboard you will be able to refresh your listings to ensure they are set up for success when it comes to indexing and ranking. 

This new tool will review your back end search terms to see if those terms are present anywhere else in your listing. 

By scanning your title, bullet points, and product description, Amazon is able to tell you what terms you should and shouldn’t removed from the back end search terms. 

This tool will help to ensure you are continuously optimizing your back end search terms and also gives you the best shot at making sure your listing is never left on autopilot

Connecting with Your Customers Through Goodwill Marketing

Connecting with Your Customers Through Goodwill Marketing

In an age when people love to “shop small”, shopping on a site where over half of the world’s online purchases occur can can feel like you’re doing the exact opposite. But who can resist two-day shipping? Am I right?!? In order to counteract the feelings of detachment, it’s important for sellers to appeal to the buyers desire to “shop small”, contribute to a cause, and connect with a brand. Since most sellers do not have any systems in place to help buyers connect with themselves and their brand, there’s a huge opportunity here for you to capitalize on this area of lack through what is known as goodwill marketing. Here are some ways to show your customers your personality and set yourself apart as a “small shop” on a big platform!

Don’t Forget to Share the Benefits

Is your listing simply spelling out just the features and specs of your product, or are you communicating all the benefits that your product will bring into the customer’s life? While size, material, etc. are important, we recommend highlighting how these specifications will benefit the customer. If the battery in your book light lasts 700 hours, share how it’s a reliable companion for your nighttime read. If your yoga mat has more cushioning than most, highlight how the mat will offer more comfort to sensitive joints during their practice session. Communicate how well thought-out your product is and that will go far. 

Brag a Little

Is your brand involved in any type of philanthropic venture? Do you give a pair of socks away to the homeless for every pair purchased? Do you donate a dollar of each order to the Special Olympics? If so, make sure that is abundantly clear in your listing copy. If you haven’t committed to a cause yet, think about what you could do. Consider donating, volunteering or partnering with a non-profit that benefits a cause you’re passionate about. Even a small act of service can really make a difference for a customer teetering between two listings with similar products. 

Say Thank You

Are your autoresponders personal? What would you think if you received your follow-up sequence? Your emails are a waste of time and resources if they are going to get automatically deleted. Think about including a more enticing subject line, that makes buyers want to open it. Then once they do, make sure to share your gratitude for their purchase and emphasize your desire for their satisfaction. When customers know that you genuinely care that they purchased and that they are going to be well taken care of during the sales process, it will create raving fans. We shared all about how to show gratitude to your customers in episode 25 of the Playbook for Amazon podcast, so be sure to check that out for more ideas. 

When you show customers you care through your listing copy, images, and sales process, you set yourself apart dramatically from your competitors. I challenge you to look at your listings and make some of these tweaks today! And if you need help, one of our favorite services is our listing audit, where we help you to identify ways to optimize your listing, connect with your customers, and more. We’d love to help you if you’re interested.

What’s New on Amazon: Amazon’s Product Optimizer Tool​

What’s New on Amazon: Amazon’s Product Optimizer Tool​

Are you using your Amazon Brand Dashboard?

Posted by Turnkey Product Management on Friday, December 20, 2019
Watch Jenna Lieber, our Director of Client Services discuss the changes to Amazon’s Product Optimizer Tool on this week’s Facebook Live

Using this tool, Amazon will provide you with recommendations on optimizations you can apply to your new products to increase sales, conversion, and customer experience

It will look at products that have been listed on Amazon in the first 60 days.

Amazon will identify the areas that you can improve on a given listing to ensure you are providing the best customer experience possible. Completing all of the recommended product optimizer best practices within 60 days can improve the customer experience and potentially increase sales.

Here is what the best practices Amazon is monitoring: 

  • Price Competitiveness: Price your products competitively to improve its discoverability 
  • In-stock: Ensure the product’s inventory is at a recommended level to account for sales velocity 
  • Prime: Enroll products in FBA to make them eligible for Prime 
  • Detail Page Completion: Enhance the product’s listing based on recommended best practices on product images, bullet points and description 
  • Minimum Customer Reviews: Get first reviews faster by enrolling in the Early Reviewer Program 
  • A+ Content: Upload A+ Content to the product 
  • Sponsored Ads: Introduce your products to more shoppers by running Sponsored Ads 

Think about this list as your initial launch check list within Amazon! 

You can see your recommended optimizations here.