What’s New on Amazon: Storefront Source Tags

What’s New on Amazon: Storefront Source Tags

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Helping you send external traffic to Amazon!

For those of you that are Brand Registered our team recommends you do everything you can to take advantage of the benefits of the Amazon Storefront.

An Amazon Storefront is a great place for brands to express who they are and give customers a chance to truly see what they have to offer.

To take advantage of this feature, we suggest you use Storefront Source Tags. Within the insights dashboard you are able to set up tags to track how customers are getting to your store.

Using this feature you are able to send external customers to any page you would like within your Storefront. It is super easy to set up! All you have to do is head to the dashboard, select the storefront page you want the customer to go to, and create the tag. Once you have that filled out Amazon will create the link for you!

When sending external traffic to your Storefront we suggest using these tags so that you can see where that external traffic is coming from. Based on this data you will be able to determine which external sources are worth using to send traffic to your Amazon store!

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