What’s New on Amazon: Store Spotlight

What’s New on Amazon: Store Spotlight

Sponsored Brands: Store Spotlight Addition

Sponsored Brands Ads: Store Spotlight Addition

Posted by Turnkey Product Management on Friday, February 21, 2020
Watch Jenna Lieber, our Director of Client Services discuss Amazon’s new Store Spotlight Ads on this week’s Facebook Friday

Sponsored Brand Ads Take a Step Up!

Before we dive into this new addition to Sponsored Brand Ads (SBAs) let’s cover the basics. 

SBAs (formerly known as Headline Search Ads) are ads that are able to display up to three products with a custom marketing message, and image. Like other ads running on Amazon the targeting is keyword or product based. 

Sponsored Brand Ads are only available to Brand Registered sellers and include the strong metric New-to-Brand (NTB). The NTB metric essentially tells a seller if a customer is purchasing for them for the first time in the last 12 months or if they are an existing customer. 

Now let’s talk about the new addition! 

Store Spotlight is being added to the Sponsored Brand arsenal. This mobile-only ad type is set up identical to a Product Collection. The only difference is you pick which pages from your Amazon store you’d like to highlight instead of picking which products to show in the ad.

You can use up to 50 character for your headline, as well as up to 40 character display names for each page. You are also able to pick out one product image per page that will show above the display name.

The benefit of this program is it has the possibility of driving traffic to your Amazon store and increasing the brand awareness of your various products. This also allows you to put together a stronger ad with increased customization that will be sure to draw more attention to your products. 

Store Spotlight is currently in beta testing, so if you are seeing this option our team highly recommends you test it out now since not everyone has access to the opportunity.

What’s New on Amazon: Amazon Advertising’s Post

What’s New on Amazon: Amazon Advertising’s Post

Have you seen the new Posts feature on Amazon?

Posted by Turnkey Product Management on Friday, December 6, 2019
Watch Jenna Lieber, our Director of Client Services discuss Amazon Advertising’s Posts feature on this week’s Facebook Live

Amazon advertising has added a new beta program called Posts

Posts is a browse and discover experience on Amazon that is meant to focus on brand-shopping through posts you are already sharing on social media. Posts helps shoppers discover new products and see what’s new from brands by browsing feeds of brand-curated content that links back to the product listings. 

The program is currently free to participate in and promises to have solid metrics that will feature views, impressions, and click-through rates. 

Where will Posts show up? Posts will show up on participating brands detail pages, detail pages for related brands, category-based feeds and feeds for related posts.

Amazon advises brands participating in the new program to post as often as they do on social media. The content that is used should be consistent with your brand’s social media presence

What’s New on Amazon: Amazon’s Attribution Program is Here!

What’s New on Amazon: Amazon’s Attribution Program is Here!

Watch Jenna Lieber, our Director of Client Services discusses Amazon’s Attribution Program on this week’s Facebook Live

Have you been struggling to track your external ads to Amazon? Here’s your answer​!

Amazon has added another tool to their arsenal, this time a tool that will help external advertisers track their external ads like Facebook and Google ads

Using Amazon Attribution you will be able to track Amazon detail page views, purchase rate, and sales

As you all know, Amazon has made it challenging to track the success of external ads leading to Amazon. But through this program you will be able to measure the impact of off-Amazon ads with on-demand reporting that will grab data on how customers research, discover, and purchase your product on Amazon. 

This program can be a game changer to help you measure, optimize, and plan your external ads for Amazon. 

Not running external ads to Amazon? Our TurnKey team suggests that you target past Amazon customers using your Amazon customer list in Facebook advertising. 

What a perfect addition for Q4!