There’s obviously a huge emphasis on listing optimization and building out your listings to their most compelling version, but many other sellers forget about paying attention to their Storefront. If you are a seller with multiple products and you plan to build your brand on Amazon, let’s talk about how to improve your Amazon Storefront to do just that!

In this video by TurnKey’s Client Manager, Jenna Lieber, is sharing our best tips for improving your Amazon Storefront. One of the reasons we love the Storefront is because there are so many different features to bring your brand to life. For example, you can include different tabs and categories for your various products and their variations. This is also a great place for additional video and images, which are clearly tools for increasing conversion. 

Don’t limit your optimizations to just improving your actual product listings, make it a priority to start building out your Storefront this week. Be sure to watch Jenna’s entire video to get all our best strategies and recommendations.