Do you have videos on your Amazon product listing? If you are Brand Registered are not utilizing that capability, what are you waiting for? Using video to connect, educate, and explain about your product to a potential customer is an invaluable way to sell! It’s easy to sell your product to someone in person because they can touch it and ask you questions. However, on a sterile Amazon listing, it’s challenging to make your images and copy feel compelling. That’s why using the video slot on your listing is a critical component to any great Amazon listing. So whether you already have a video up and want to ensure you are making the most of that resource, or you’re looking to add video, let’s dive in on how and where to use videos on your Amazon listing the right way. 

Make Sure Your Intro is Strong

How many times have you started a video and, within 3 seconds, you realize it’s going to be a snooze and you click out of it? That first impression is everything, so here are some tips for a strong introduction: 

  • Make a connection with the viewer and establish a bond. Example: “Hi, If you are like me you already know a healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day…“
  • Establish that you/your spokesperson is in alignment with the viewer. You actually care about their wellbeing.  
  • Show that you understand their problem and show them how your product is the solution.  Don’t focus on talking about your brand too much. Customers just want you to solve their problems and make their life easier. Tell them how your product will do that. 

Speak to Your Demographic

  • Is the tone you use, the models, the location all speaking directly to your target customer? As a mom of three, when I see supermodels with perfect bodies showcasing shapewear or a swimsuit, I feel a little insecure that the product isn’t truly made with me in mind. 
  • Adding testimonials to your videos will give your customers the social proof they need that people like them also enjoyed your product. This greatly increases your conversion rate. Someone else talking about your product and edifying your product is more effective than you trying to convince someone about the value of the product that you are selling 

Close Strong

Tell them what action to take: Example: “If you are ready to remove those unsightly skin blemishes, click the button below.” 

We are big fans of really utilizing your assets to the highest degree. If you go to all the effort of making a video, you can use that video all over the place. On your website, in Facebook Ads, on Instagram… everywhere! When choosing which platform to run your video ads, choose your biggest competitors and see where their customers are most engaged and where their followers interact with them the most. When you are a newer seller without much data, learning from your competitors is huge. 

In Episode 8 of the Playbook for Amazon Podcast, Jeff shares about three different kinds of videos you can make quickly and inexpensively. If you haven’t listened to that yet, we highly recommend you head over to check that out. But to piggyback on what he covers in that episode, here are some other options for videos.