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Fund your growing company with an Amazon business loan, and watch as you organically gain more 5-star reviews than your competitors.

How many 5-star reviews do your best products have on Amazon? Now search your targeted keywords, and scroll to the top listing. Notice a difference? More than likely, the items taking up the front page on Amazon have hundreds, if not thousands, of customer reviews. Even though you offer a superior product, you struggle to obtain reviews from your customers. As a result, it’s impossible to stay relevant in keyword searches.

Reviews are powerful. Potential buyers take the time to read reviews from your past customers, both good and bad. The more 5-star reviews you have, the more likely you are to close a sale. But, without the proper funding, you may not have a way to gain new customers and get more reviews. Taking out an Amazon business loan could be the boost you need to improve upon the customer experience your company provides.


Providing the Ideal Customer Experience Requires Money

The most successful small businesses are the ones that offer the best customer service. They know how to make every shopper feel like a member of the family. But, you probably don’t have much manpower to help run this aspect of your business. You’re busy behind-the-scenes wearing other hats, so your customer service department often gets overlooked.

However, if you want to succeed on Amazon’s platform, you need to reevaluate the customer experience you provide. Investing in an automated customer service platform is often the best decision, but you need money to accomplish this. A business loan can help you get the funds you need to grow a loyal customer base.

Instead of taking out a high-interest rate bank loan with ambiguous terms, it’s best to work with a lender who truly understands the demands of running an e-commerce business. Look for an online lender who specializes in financing for Amazon sellers like you. With the right amount of funding, you’ll have enough leverage to improve your customer experience and surpass your competition.


Want More Reviews? Create a Raving Fan Base

Think about the businesses you frequent. What makes you come back time and time again? You most likely get amazing service and find everything you need. Coffee drinkers enjoy the experience they get from their favorite barista every morning. They come in for the caffeine boost but return because of the customer service.

However, as an Amazon seller, it’s trickier to personalize your company. The anonymity of shopping online reduces how much face-to-face contact shoppers have. Without any personalization, they are less likely to become loyal fans.

While you may think brand loyalty is a dying concept, this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Forbes, 37% of customers make up brand loyalists. What loyalists want are personal and meaningful engagements with a brand.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Now that you finally have the funds, you can afford to invest in providing a better customer experience. Outsourcing your customer service department may mean the difference between receiving a trickle of compliments or an avalanche of 5-star reviews. Best of all, it all happens organically. Here’s what you can expect to see in return:

  • Customers receive top-notch service from your automated customer service department.
  • Shoppers feel appreciated and more connected to your brand.
  • They become repeat buyers, or better yet, raving fans.
  • Your loyal fan base wants to see you succeed and leaves glowing 5-star reviews.
  • You sit back and watch as your product listing rises in search rankings.
  • Sales soar, and you exceed your quarterly goals.


Great Customer Service Never Goes Out of Style

Whether you are a new Amazon business or have been on the platform for years, customer service should remain at the forefront. Excited, satisfied customers leave 5-star reviews. Obtaining additional funding with an Amazon business loan makes it possible to personalize your customer service department and transform average shoppers into Beatlemania-like fans.


About the Author: Ricardo Pero, Chief Executive Officer of SellersFunding, received an MBA in Finance from Columbia University and has 20+ years of experience in Corporate Treasury and Wealth and Asset Management. As an investor and advisor to companies in the U.S. and Latin America, he enjoys helping start-up e-commerce businesses of all sizes to achieve success.

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