We talk to sellers everyday who feel like their sales have plateaued or they are just getting started and they aren’t sure if they are even doing this whole Amazon thing the right way. But…they don’t know what to do about it. That’s why bringing in a coach at any stage of business is a wise choice, because then you can ensure you are moving the needle forward and focusing on the right things. If you haven’t already signed on with a coach, it might be because you feel pressed for time and can’t imagine adding one more to-do to your list. We totally understand the hesitancy, but trust us, this is one to-do that’s a must-do!  

A Fresh Perspective

A coach can come in and help you see the things that you might not have noticed. You are so entrenched in your business, and if you’ve been staring at your product listing for years and know your product inside and out, you may benefit from having fresh eyes on your listing. It’s totally normal to maintain the status quo as an Amazon seller, but you can’t expect different results until you do things differently. 

Cutting Edge Strategies

Part of an Amazon coach’s job is to understand the new strategies, systems and tools that are available to Amazon sellers. While you may only know a bit beyond what is working (or not working) for your personal business, a coach has experience in various niches and the time to stay up-to-date on what is working on Amazon right now! For example, while physically mailers may work great for some products, expanding social media might be a better choice for others. When you’re able to dial in new strategies that work well for your products, you can apply them across your entire product catalogue and replicate it week after week. 

Prioritizing Your Time

I know your time is precious and you don’t want more to-dos, but a coach can help you select which tasks are the most important and what actions will yield the biggest bang for your buck. Don’t waste time on tasks that don’t give you a high ROI. Let your coach offer you the direct path to success as they tell you not only what to do but also how to do it. Think about how much time you’ll save when you aren’t handed a personalized roadmap instead of fumbling around in the dark trying to figure things out on your own. You’re welcome!

It’s a new year and we want the BEST for your business. We would love to help you supercharge your sales. To find out exactly what type of coaching your business needs, click here to apply. Be sure to let your client success team member know that you read this article and we’ll give you 20% off your first month! Good luck!