Every single day Amazon sellers reach out to us for help with their Amazon business, and of all of the major issues they are concerned with, unauthorized resellers are at the top of the list. We hear about the frustration that comes with overseas manufacturers knocking off their proprietary designs left and right, and difficult it is to compete with these underpriced reproductions of their life’s work. TurnKey feels their pain and, luckily, we have a solution to this widespread problem…Brand Registry! 


The advice that we give all of our clients and that we are now passing on to you is simple, but effective and will save you a world of trouble: If you have a Trademark, you need to be Brand Registered on Amazon. Brand Registry is one way Amazon is offering sellers on their platform protection from counterfeit products and shady business practices, all while providing them with a host of tools to help improve their selling experience. Some of the great features available to Brand Registered seller include: 

  • Accurate brand representation
  • Powerful search and reporting tools
  • Additional proactive brand protections 
  • Brand Registry support
  • And more!


Over the last 12 years spent managing the listings of our full-service clients, some of our favorite elements of Brand Registry are the ones that add extra optimization to a listing and result in increased sales! Two that are absolute must-haves for every Amazon seller are:


  • A+ Content (formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content or EBC): If you’ve ever wondered why some Amazon sellers can add pictures and other formatting to their description, while you’re stuck with a text-only description, then you’ve discovered the power of A+ Content. A product loses major credibility with buyers when it is not backed by a professional aesthetic. We highly recommend adding A+ Content to every listing and using that space to tell the brand’s story and the why behind the product.
  • Video: We’re sure that telling someone about your product has you bubbling over with enthusiasm about all the reasons why your product is superior to other similar products on the market and why they need to buy yours! It’s also a safe bet that expressing that same enthusiasm with images and bullet points is an uphill battle. That’s why adding video to your listings is extremely valuable. Whether you can choose to do a video shoot featuring the products and explaining its features and what makes it special, or simply compile a slideshow using images and infographics with a compelling voiceover, a video speaks volumes about your brand than static images and black and white test ever will. 


While these two perks happen to be our favorite, the list of Brand Registry benefits goes on and on. So we’re sure you’re wondering who can become Brand Registered. As we mentioned before your product must have a registered trademark (pending trademarks do not qualify you for this service, so wait until it’s official to apply). You’ll also need an Amazon Account. 

Start by creating an Amazon Brand Registry account using your Seller or Vendor Central credentials. You’ll then be walked through the step to enroll your brand. Next, Amazon will review your application and verify the information you’ve provided. It generally takes about two weeks, but once it’s approved you’ll have access to all of the amazing features Brand Registry has to offer! 

So if you’ve gone through all of the trouble to trademark your product, don’t just file it away, use it! As always, TurnKey is here to help if you need support in that process. Feel free to reach out to us at any time!